Misión Adulam is a Bolivian organization, in the city of La Paz, founded by Fineke Janssen, offering help to addicted children, teenagers and young people in three homes. Adulam means refuge, like in the Bible (1 Samuel 22: 1) where David found a safe place. Addiction is a dangerous trap for young people, in Misión Adulam we offer them a place to make a fresh start. in a Day-Centre we help children with learning and behaviour problems. Read the last newsletter (May 2024).
Vision: Complete restoration of addicted young people, able to take their place in society, using their talents and qualities. Children overcome their limitations or handle them in such a way they can stay in school.
Mission: Serve the Lord, providing high quality attention for people with addictions. Click to see on YouTube Working with Mision Adulam in Bolivia
Misión Adulam works with the support from friends, support in prayer and finances are indispensable to be able to help our young people and children. These friends, people like you, make our work possible and are of vital importance for our organization. You can read the newsletter after a click on the news button.
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In God is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God - Psalm 62:7.
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