Newsletter October 2021
    In God is my salvation and my glory,
    the rock of my strenght an my refuge, is in God.   

    Dear friends,
A safe place, that’s what each teenager and child who comes to us longs for. 
A place where they can be themselves and be listened to. A place also, where they can get out of their confusion and have the opportunity to get a fresh grip on their lives. Frequently this is made much more difficult because their parents don’t appreciate how important the part they should be playing is.
Let me start this letter on a positive note, perhaps a little funny: I am having a blast reading all the Christmas cards you sent in 2020 that have been arriving these last few weeks. Postal services are still very lean, but be it late, those cards are coming in. I can't send things out yet, but well, sending email at least works fine! 
Things are still tough in Bolivia for many, this dear lady couldn't contain her tears when she received this gift of food, as well as 27 other families of children who come to Jesed. Her pantry was completely empty. Part of these families have 
to make do with less than £ 65.- to cover all their needs. So the children really love coming to us, where they receive a snack too. In the Christmas time we will give them the opportunity to "buy" clothing from us, with the "money" they receive for good behaviour. 
I know many of you have prayed for Anita during her battle with Covid, thank you for walking with her and her family. Anita is now with the Lord. The family is trying to come to terms with some very difficult issues that have come up after her death. Please pray for her two children and husband.
Photo: This was sports, last week it was a Bible quiz and the week before a group activity testing general knowledge. Having them work in teams helps the relationships in the house. And well, as it is a competition, they really make an effort to master the particular subject!  
Photo: Adulam, the boys receive reward from Leonor for a contest. Several boys have left Adulam last and this month, after successfully completing their rehabilitation process. Not a small thing, and now they need to learn to be with their families again and practice the values they learned in the mission. Like one boy said to his dad at his graduation meal: dad, we don't lie, that's something you just don't do.
In a moment a brother is coming to help me finalize the packing of boxes to send to the rural area. Strange, I used to do this with my friend Veronica who passed away earlier this year, It is a bit early for Christmas, but I will be travelling till nearly the end of november, so I prefer to have these sent off. 
When I come home we will go straight into individual evaluations with all the staff to encourage efforts in their work in the mission and correct things we would like to see improving. 
But first a visit to some churches and friends in the USA and Canada, I am looking forward to renewing  contacts! This is also true for the UK, where Lord willing I hope to visit next year. 2022, by the way, is also a special year since we hope to celebrate 30 years of ministry of Mision Adulam on August the 26th.
Amazing testimony to the love of the Lord for the lost, for broken children and teenagers, and a witness to His work also through you, our partners in prayer and financial support.
This comes with love, in the Lord Jesus, Fineke and teams.
Contact and extra prayerbullets:
Support in the USA can be receive using ZELLE, Wells Fargo bank, email
In Canada we are linked with Hands For Humanity, an accredited Christian charity. Donations can be made through their website, designating the gift for Mision Adulam - Fineke Janssen, or send an earmarked check to: Hands For Humanity – 218 Silvercreek Parkway  N – Suite 202 – Unit 17A – Guelph ON – N1H 8E8