Nieuwsletter December 2018

Addictions destroy
Entering the street of Adulam this afternoon, I saw a skinny guy leaning against the wall of the house of Adulam. It was David, a 28-year-old alcoholic, who was really suffered under his addiction.

He explained that he didn’t want his nephews to see him like this. Weeping, he said that he had never sunk this low before. He had spent the night on the streets and was shocked by what he saw, heard and experienced: fights and heart-breaking stories of many young people who had been drawn into this lifestyle of drugs and alcohol addictions on the streets. Do you know the Lord Jesus, I asked him? No, he said, because I am a bartender and work in bars and pubs. As far as he was concerned, this was a mayor reason why Jesus would not want to know him. He allowed me to pray with him and I could give him a New Testament. Have you eaten today? No was the answer. Then a member of staff turned up with only one piece of bread – he sure had never been hungry. I got David some more food and then we let him go, with the address of a rehabilitation centre and the assurance they would admit him. I also gave him some money for the bus, with the promise that, if I found out that he’d used it to buy drugs or alcohol, I would find him to get my money back.

This is the reality of sinking deep into addictions – just what we try to prevent from happening with our young people. Will you join us in prayer that they will have the strength and the courage to continue to choose a new start in life? 

The poor are always with us
In all our houses we encounter children who come from extremely poor families. The mum of a girl in Talita Cumi was moved to tears, because her daughter bought rice for the family with money she earned in occupational therapy – we multiplied it and also added a can of milk powder.

Lucha is 12 years old and she’d never been to school. She had three jobs: peeling potatoes for a small eating place; care for children and a cleaning job. Now in Jesed she learns among other things to write, just like her 13- and 15-year-old brothers who by the way also have jobs so they can survive with their mum. Besides education this family is also occasionally receiving food from us.

Again, a difficult end of the year.
The government has again decided that we need to pay triple wages in December, which means an extra burden of over 13.000 pounds for us. Of course, all prices go up too before Christmas, doubly sour for people who work in the informal sector and will not receive this extra money. For children and young people from the really poor families we will do something to help. As always, your help is especially welcome in this time of the year. We trust that together we can finish this year o.k. on all levels.

Having said that, I also want to express our gratitude for Gods great faithfulness throughout the whole year, also through your prayers and financial support.

Wishing you a good and blessed December month, with warm greetings, Fineke and teams.

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