Newsletter May 2020
                                In God is my salvation and my glory,
    the rock of my strenght and my refuge, is in God.   

The most precious thing that can happen in Mision Adulam, is that people change direction. And not just leaving drugs behind, but starting on a new road with Jesus. That happened last night and this morning when Teresa spoke with the girls: in total 6 girls made a definite choice giving their lives to the Lord Jesus!! All young people have goals they pursue each week, these goals are like picket posts on the way to something better and are related to behaviour and their participation in the programme. 
We learned a lot of new things these last few months, new manners and also different ways to reach out to people. I also found that my “being” on the mission field has changed. While taking a course in tropical issues in the late 80’s, a teacher said we would never “really” be somewhere because, if for example a serious family situation arise, one phone call would be enough to organize a ticket to travel back to our country of origin. That is not true anymore: we are not allowed out here, and where you are, we are not allowed in because of closed borders.
There are many things I am grateful for, one being that I am absolutely certain that I am exactly in the place where the Lord wants me to be. I am also grateful for my church here in La Paz and for the networks around me and around Mision Adulam: but here as well as in the UK. We are very aware of Gods faithful care of us, there are no major problems among the young people in the houses, and all – including staff – are in good health. There are two staff members however, who have decided to hand in their notice, as they are scared having to move about the city to get to their workplace. A real shame. Now we have two vacancies for psychologists’ and have to pay out severance pay for the ones leaving that we didn’t count on. Felina, deputy-director, has thankfully arrived back home and can start the application procedures. This is also a matter for prayer.
Yesterday it was my day to leave the house for a few hours. I met stranded Venezuelans in different places and was able to encourage them with a gift and a New Testament. In one encounter, a dog sat down right on top of my feet as if to say: keep talking a bit longer. This man too received literature and a gift to bring a little relief. Another was selling homemade flowers; he also received a gift including the Bible: I hope and pray they will start reading it!
Now you are approaching summer, I want to wish you a lovely time to get some rest and enjoy sun and nature. Thank you very much for your vital role in the ministry here both in prayer and through your love-gifts! Bye, with warm greetings, in the love of Christ, Fineke and teams.

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