Newletter may 2019

In God is my salvation and my glory,
the rock of my strength and my refuge is in God.


News from Mission Adulam, La Paz, Bolivia.
At 04.30 I got an alarming phone call from Adulam, our boys house. I was awake in a second when I got that call, and was shocked to hear that the boys in Adulam were in serious trouble. I didn’t know whether to drive over to the mission right away, or wait till daylight. We decided it was best to wait as two other staff had already come to the boy’s house to help.

Staff told me how 7 boys had planned to escape and, after some problems with a new member of staff, execute their plan. They tied the staff member to a chair and locked him into a room, after having taken his phone and money off him. A very scary experience for him as they also threatened him with table knives. When you see our boys' band here you wouldn't think they are capable to do such a thing.

This whole situation started with serious abstinence problems of more than half the boys in the house. Many boys said later they just really wanted to use drugs. For the last 10 days Felina, with the social worker and psychologist, interviewed all involved, I sat in on some sessions with child protection services. We are very grateful to the Lord that all was dealt with in as much peace as possible, thank you for prayers for us.
So, what’s next. Well, this man cannot continue with us, and we are desperately searching for two new staff for the boys’ home. Please pray for this. Also, we are looking for a new administrator, pray the Lord will send us the right people and help us deal with all the practical implications, as well as financial consequences - we have to pay people leaving their job the legally asigned compensations.

Snippets: - a picture of a proclamation with children who come to Jesed and from several schools, about the rights of children in honor of "the day of the child".
- Tuesday I get to speak in a prison again, 4 visits in two weeks, great blessing.
- Wednesday we interview possible new staff, please pray for the Lord's guidance.
- Next week we should be done with very necessary maintenance in one of the houses, unfortunately the equipment that was used messed up the electrics.
- I was asked to consider the possibility to take on a home for abused girls in another city, some were subject to human trafficking. This would have huge implications, both legal and financial, pray we may know the mind of the Lord in this matter. 
May the Lord bless you as you perhaps prepare for a much needed summer break, do continue to remember us as we continue to serve our young people. We are much aware that you are part of our larger team, and so grateful to the Lord for your prayer and amazing financial support - each day we live in the miracle of God's gracious provision.
Bye, with love, in Jesus, Fineke and teams. 

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