Newsletter March 2022
   In God is my salvation en my glory, 
     the rock of my strength and my refuge, is in God.   

    Dear friends,
A safe place, that’s what each teenager and child who comes to us longs for. 
A place where they can be themselves and be listened to. A place also, where they can get out of their confusion and have the opportunity to get a fresh grip on their lives. Frequently this is made much more difficult because their parents don’t appreciate how important the part they should be playing is.
And then there was (way too long) silence. Because well, all sorts of things happened. Two unplanned trips to Santa Cruz to be with another missionary with health issues. Ah yes, and then more than a whole week sitting glued to the screen to review the financial year report of 2021 and then get the information into the system of the government. Here I had the joy of meeting with Guido and Macedonia's family who came over from rural Bolivia where they have been serving for many years.
And if I tell you I have been going out daily to find a cash machine that has dollars – that might sound like a small thing but can easily take up half a day. The reason for doing that is the insecurity we find ourselves in because of the current war in Europe. Today we are buying a few extra sacks of flour, we bake our own bread in the houses, but with the speculations that are going around those provisions are becoming a problem. Felina and I are very grateful that we depend on the Lord and not on circumstances and the rumors that are buzzing around. 
People and talks always take priority above all else, and in those meetings beautiful things happen. Like recently in an afternoon with a teenager who had to confess things and let go. The gentle presence of the Lord was very precious and she said: “I never thought it would be like this”. Other talks are hard but then too we can bring those burdens to the Lord in prayer.
Teresa, who lost her daughter to Covid last year has a very difficult time with the care for her grandchildren and in all that trying to relate in a positive way with the father of one of the children. It is not very nice to speak about seeking legal counsel, to guarantee the children are well cared for. Lord help us, is then our heartfelt prayer.
Last Tuesday I was in Talita Cumi to embrace the girls as we celebrated the international women’s day, and to remind both the team, as well as the girls, that the Lord created us in His own image. I had some chocolate drops for all, and so sweet, one of the girls gave me one of her pieces to enjoy. In Jesed a mum was learning how to play with her little boy who has limitations, she too was chuffed with the attention in this day. We are 20 women in Mision Adulam currently – part of them are students from different fields of study who are doing a brief internship with us.
Yesterday we met again as prison ministry team of the church. Obtaining the credentials that allows us to enter the different prisons requires quite some red tape. And even that is only just a piece of paper. This morning I called with the inmate in charge of the church in one of the women’s prisons and she said that she’d rather not have any pastoral visits. The people in charge aren’t too keen on Christians and if the team would visit that could make things harder for the inmates. So we won’t go in but we pray. Wednesday I will go to the high security prison with some brothers from the church where about 550 men live in 13 sections. I’ve ordered bread for all, which is baked by an ex-prisoner, providing him with work!
In Jesed the team held a training afternoon for parents of the children we are seeking to help cope better with their limitations.
We help the children together, parents need to be involved so it was really encouraging to see a good number of parents assisting.
In Adulam the boys had organized a fun activity in honour of Father’s Day: the men in the team had to prove they were able to peel potatoes! A nice opportunity to talk about fathers, perhaps some time become a father and also speak about the Father in heaven who is always there for us.
Let me finish here, thank you very much for your faithful support in prayer in spite of the long silence, and also for your financial support. It is very special to see how the Lord provides time and time again, through you, may the Lord bless you!
For you Spring has started, I trust you can really enjoy it.
Bye, with love and warm greetings, also from the teams, Fineke! 
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