Newsletter July 2020
                                In God is my salvation and my glory,
    the rock of my strenght and my refuge, is in God.   

Joseph has been with us for nearly a year now. During this time, his mum took her own life to escape from domestic violence, something Joseph needs to come to terms with too. This week in a talent show, in the boys’ house Adulam, he sang a very meaningful song dedicated to “Mum”, bringing many including Felina to tears.
Only now is he beginning to process grief which is a good and needful thing. Touching the root of addictions sometimes takes a long time before our young people are ready to work through those situations. It was wonderful when staff were  doing a last round past the bedrooms, they heard the boys praying together in all three bedrooms. Only the Lord can bring healing – and He does! 
He Who created all these beautiful stars seen over La Paz this morning, sees each of our young people  (and you ) and knows how to walk this long road to recovery with them. 
Well, today Covid has entered the team of Mision Adulam. One of the staff tested positive, and we are now looking at how to deal with the possibility of all of us having been infected. This meant that I walked for hours yesterday and today, visiting at least a dozen pharmacies to try and purchase basic medication like ibuprofen, echinacea, vitamin C – still looking for Zinc and Vit. D.
And of course, trying to provide for at least 20 young people and some 15 staff quickly € adds up to big numbers. Two other staff are being tested - we hope and pray that no-one will get seriously ill. Please pray for us. With one staff member down so far for the next three weeks, covering the houses with sufficient helpers is going to be a challenge.
One of the little ones who came to Jesed has Covid too, and his dad also.
Dad works trying to sell things daily. We help this family and others, as we are able. Pray for wisdom to know whom we need to reach out to, also families of our young people.

It is such an incredible blessing to move about in my new car now – I was going to take the meds up to the mission but staff told me they prefer I stay put. Seeing no need for me exposing myself to sick people in El Alto, they sent the minibus to collect the provisions.  
Would you also hold the prisoners in your prayers? We are very concerned as in the prison in La Paz over 20 people have died so far. We pray and sent in some basic medicine to the brethren in one of the little churches. In Paraguay, the men a feeling the tension caused by months of lockdown which has created a very hostile environment that is hard to manage at times. I try and encourage them when we have contact and trust the Lord to keep them safe.
May the Lord bless and keep you as you enjoy the rest of this summer! It is a privilege to be in touch with you and share what is happening with me and in Mision Adulam, thank you for standing with us in prayer and for enabling the ministry through your support!
With love, in Jesus, Fineke and teams. 

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