Newsletter July 2019
In God is my salvation and my glory,
the rock of my strength and my refuge, is in God

When staff member Gladys saw this little girl with such a sad face, she knew something was wrong. Taking her aside she asked what was wrong, and 7-year-old Maya said her daddy was really ill with lung problems. When Gladys asked if she could pray with her to tell Jesus about this, the girl agreed. The next day she came to Jesed and told Gladys she’d gone home to pray for her dad also. What an opportunity! The children come for help with their learning problems, I’m glad staff wasn’t slow to present this girl to the greatest Teacher of all! Next week we’ll run a sort of vacation school, with an hour gospel mixed in, at age appropriate level of the children who come to Jesed.

The storms in Adulam have somewhat subsided. Having said that, we have a young teenager who is really in need of help from child psychiatry. The thing is how to get him there, we are waiting for his dad to arrive from the rural area to go with him. Otherwise he might just want to run away. It is very hard for our young people to acknowledge that they have a problem with addictions and need to work at that. This week we found a broken skylight in a bedroom: a way to try and get out...

This month it’ll be D-day in the office, a real puzzle. I’ve always had the main office for the mission in my house, but this is now going to change. Felina will be the one mostly working with the new administrator, so it’s only sensible to move the main office to El Alto. Big change in my life, to not get staff in my house every day.

At the moment I am already wondering how to go about leaving for furlough in just over two months. I will need to leave money behind for three months’ staff pay and ministry expenses. I will have to withdraw that from a cash machine before I travel. God is faithful and I am so grateful for each of your prayers as well as ongoing support, but I have to express this need as we do not have that amount now. If you want to know details, please drop me a line!

Left above: colorful merchandise on the high plane. Next to that I'm with someone who rehabilitated over 28 years ago when I worked with adults. Left below: homework in Jesed: serious business! Home hairdresser: a volunteer!

Bye, with warm greetings in Christ, also from all in Misión Adulam. We are glad that the worst part of winter is over, and wish you all a lovely summer! Fineke and teams.

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