Newsletter february 2018
Dear friends of Misión Adulam,               
This time a different letter, this one is about you!!

I am very grateful to God and also to you, for the extra financial support that we received. And am also very happy that there are a few more steady supporters, because that is also much needed. Especially now that we, besides the ministry in Adulam and Talita Cumi, are working much more intensely with children in Jesed.


Thinking about you I put some thoughts to paper that I just want to share and trust it will be an encouragement. You, the mission workers behind the front line, are people that usually are not in view. The people that pray, sometimes even on a daily basis, the people that share the vision and stand with the calling of the missionary. And the people who carry the ministry through their financial support and so make the sending and the work of the missionary possible.

But there is a lot more going on behind the front line. Through the ties we have with one another we can be closely linked to the work on the mission field. It is that sweet card that arrived in the mail at just the right moment, or that message through WhatsApp. There are the “likes” on Facebook as a reaction to short news and of course the reading and praying after receiving the newsletter.

Even so, it seems that through the years the distance between us grows. There are the unmentioned things that might try to get between us.

You stayed – and I went out.                                   

          Both are perfectly fine, in the will of God, and both equally valuable.

Your life continued – mine changed completely.

          Understanding is at time so complicated, because we are not “there”.

You sort of know how your daily routine will be – I often have days of insecurity and not knowing.

          The other rhythm of life is hard to image for both of us after so many years.

You lean on friendships that were built through the years – I came in a vacuum and had to start again.

          Friends of years: some stay and are very faithful, other become absorbed by their own rhythm of life.

You see your family grow and mature – I see bits and pieces when I come for a visit.

          There is a lot we miss: that smile of a baby, accompanying someone to the doctors.
          But I grow older too and my “family” matures of which you only get glimpses.

You miss the chats with me but my life is strange to you – I talk to you, but don’t speak your language anymore.

          Hearing and understanding each other is an art, for which we need to build bridges time and again.
          Time to hear you in your context and trying to explain what mine looks like.

You may wonder if there still is something you can do for me – I am aware that my work absorbs my attention.

         Trying to maintain open communication requires time and effort:
         more than only in sharing a few hours during a presentation.


Just a few thoughts, and not everyone will identify with this. But the people who are behind the front line, are a definite and important part of the ministry abroad. Making personal contact with everyone
unfortunately isn’t possible. But when we, missionaries, are in your country, know that we would love to hear how you are doing. What moves you and how we also can pray for you. Go for a coffee somewhere or do shopping together in your area to see something of your normal life. Take a walk together or visit someone who is housebound. All those normal contacts are so precious, because when we are back in our land of service, we feel you closer to us because of those common connections.

Our life becomes a little less strange to you and yours gets a bit closer, when we just meet together and re-discover that we can laugh or are moved by the same things. And still really love Yorkshire pudding and would love to try out your favorite recipe. Connected because we were able to share how complicated life behind the front line gets at times, and having encouraged each other. We need one another and can be enriched when we manage to build new bridges between our two worlds. And see how we each blossom in the place where the Lord has planted us!

Again, many thanks that you are “there” as a part of us: for your love, the prayers and the financial support, may the Lord bless you!

United in Him, Fineke, teams and young people in Misión Adulam.

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