Newsletter december 2017
Dear friends of Misión Adulam,               

Last Monday was a very touching moment for me.  I got a call from the ladies of the team, they told me they had prayed for me because they thought I looked really concerned. That they stand with me and encourage me to be strong. What a surprise, and a blessing that the team is really there with me. Because yes, it is true that I am sometimes worried.

We are nearing December, a very difficult month for all our young people: they discover that family is valuable after all but they can’t be with them. Because of problems or due to distance. We try to make it a special time for them with family or in another appropriate way. The picture on the left is a meeting with parents to equip them to better help their children.

December and January are difficult months for us. Besides the upcoming festivities like Christmas, this is also the time for the compulsory extra month’s wages for the staff. Regarding the mountain of £ 33.400,- in financial needs only for the month of December, our need is greater than our regular budget that comes from love gifts. The lacking £ 15.800,- needs to be covered by extra giving. When I think about that, I sometimes get concerned. I share this with you as at the moment this is our reality. For the month of January we again need a large extra sum of money, approx. £ 22.000,-. This is because we need to start an exit process with some 10 staff members. Six are in pension age, others need to be replaced by better equipped staff. For us this means that in the beginning of the year we need to pay out 53 months’ wages. When someone leaves it is our obligation to pay them 1 months’ wages for each year they worked in the mission.

I am very grateful to see surprise gifts coming in that really make a difference. On the other hand, a need remains. I am convinced that the Lord will help us through this! Nonetheless I want to present this to you also. Will you consider helping us? Any amount helps! No gift is too small and I believe that together, with Gods help, we can get through this.

2017 Has been a year of celebrations and new doors opening. We celebrated our 25-year anniversary and recently received our accreditation (permission to provide services) from the authorities – see picture on the right!

In Adulam and Talita Cumi we had less youth drop out because of a new way in which we now work. We are grateful for the young people who broke with their addictions. In the month December a few young people will possibly get baptized – a beautiful way to conclude this year! In Jesed the 22 children that receive support will finish this month, then we will offer a vacation school with crafts and other fun things to do for children and young teens.

We want to thank you very much for your love, prayers and support, and wish you the blessings of the Lord for the New Year that is ahead of us!

United in Him, Fineke, teams and young people in Misión Adulam.

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