Newsletter April 2020
                                In God is my salvation and my glory,
    the rock of my strenght and my refuge, is in God.   

These are strange times, throwing all our plans upside down. Storms are raging around and that's scary. How good is it to remember the Lord is still above all and looking out for us. I trust you are well, many things can be shaken, but never the Lord's promises and His presence in our lives. May each of us have the grace and strength every day to keep our eyes on Him.
Unfortunately I will not be able to come visit you in the near future, we'll have to wait and see how things develop. I'll be in touch as soon as anything gets clear.
In Bolivia every day something new surges which makes the monitoring and guiding of the ministry complicated, especially trying to have staff in all the time with no transportation - and providing for the houses. So far so good, do pray specially for Carola and Leonor who lead resp. Talita Cumi and Adulam. Felina had an operation on a broken shoulder blade after being assaulted and is with family recovering very slowly. Your prayers are appreciated for her too. 

The picture on the left is someone sanitizing a supermarket. I find the Lord is keeping my spirit sanitized, when I wake in the night, I am aware of singing in my heart. Always a song of commitment and joy in the security that the Lord is with me.
I pray that is your testimony too. May we use unique opportunities in these days to reach out to people. I went to ask a neighbor if she needed anything. And when I could still go out I went to see if there were any foreigners stuck in the airport. Now I spend many hours chatting with people like my friends in prison who are more alone than ever.
May the Lord keep you and protect you, and truly draw close to you as He does to me. Today is a day of precious joy in my spirit, it is such as privilege to know that, though I'm alone in the house, I am still part of a very large family of which you are a part too!
This comes with love and warm greetings, Fineke.

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